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Digital indoor-outdoor thermometer

Digital indoor-outdoor thermometer Brand: TFA Made in Germany Vendore code: 30.1044 Highlights: Display of indoor-outdoor temperatures Outdoor temperature via cable

Digital kitchen thermometer

Digital kitchen thermometer Code: 30.1061 Made in Germany Highlights: Pocket-sized, fold-out thermometer For the monitoring of temperature of food and

Digital probe thermometer

Digital probe thermometer Code:  30.1040 Highlights: Thermometer with penetration probe Ideal for the control of food temperature Versatile use, e.g.

Digital thermo-hygrometer KLIMA GUARD

Digital thermo-hygrometer KLIMA GUARD Brand name: TFA Made in Germany Code: 30.5010 Highlights: Monitoring of temperature and humidity Ideal for

Propylene Glycol

Name: Propylene Glycol Article: 8689849517322 Wholesale price 8.50 GEL for 1 kilogram For detailed information on purchasing the product, please